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The world2B platform

  • world2B is an IT platform containing multimedia “articles” that are connected to each other;
  • the articles are submitted for publication on;
  • Biarritz Studio di arti e di pensiero examines every article and decides whether to publish it, after possibly suggesting some changes to the authors.

The anatomy of an article

  • text (max 10,000 chacaracters) , images (max 10), video (max 3 minutes), music (max 5 minutes); overall, max 128 MB;
  • each article must contain:
    • TITLE;
    • AUTHORS;
    • LANGUAGE, either English or Italian;
    • CONNECTING PAIR (title, tag); the title is the title of an existing article on the platform and the tag is chosen from the tags of that article;
    • FREE TAGS , up to a maximum of six others, the key words describing the content of the article;
    • Up to a maximum of three CATEGORIES between: facts, places, ideas, nature, objects, people.

The starting point: the first article

  • TITLE: Hannah;
  • AUTHOR: Guido Conforti;
  • LANGUAGE: Italian;
  • CONNECTING PAIR: none, because “Hannah” is the initial article of the platform;
  • FREE TAGS: 2B, matita, messaggio, mondo, relazione, scrivere, segno (pencil, message, world, relation, write, sign);
  • CATEGORIES: people.

The article “Hannah” by Guido Conforti is a text article written in Italian. It is not connected to any previous article because it is the first of the platform. It contains 7 tags: 2B, matita, messaggio, mondo, relazione, scrivere, segno (2B, pencil, message, world, relation, writing, sign). The category is only one and is: people.

“Hannah” can be represented as above; the category is visualized by color.

The second article

  • TITLE: Diari, saperi;
  • AUTHOR: Filippo De Mari;
  • LANGUAGE: Italian;
  • CONNECTING PAIR: (Hannah; matita);
  • FREE TAGS: architettura, ingegneria, medicina, scienze esatte, scienze sociali, scienze umanistiche (architecture, engineering, medicine, exact sciences, social sciences, humanities);
  • CATEGORIES: ideas, objects.

The article “Diari, saperi” by Filippo De Mari, is a text article, written in Italian. It is attached to the pair (Hannah; matita). It contains 6 tags in addition to the connecting one (matita): architecture, engineering,  medicine, exact sciences, social sciences, humanities. The categories are: ideas, objects.

the connection between the first two articles is displayed above; the connecting pair is (Hannah; matita); categories are visualized by color.

The third article

  • TITLE: Books, buildings, bytes;
  • AUTHOR: Filippo De Mari;
  • LANGUAGE: English;
  • CONNECTING PAIR: (Diari, saperi; architettura);
  • FREE TAGS: library, building, book, bit, silence;
  • CATEGORIES: places, objects.

The article “Books, buildings, bytes” by Filippo De Mari, is a text article, written in English. Its connecting pair is (Diari, saperi, architettura). It contains 6 tags in addition to the connecting one (architettura): library, building, book, bit, silence. The categories are: places, objects.

The starting point

  • the first three articles together form a connected diagram.
  • there is a path joining “matita” to “architettura”, namely the article “Diari, saperi”.
  • a possible picture of the starting point is in the next page; the gray path is the journey that you may take reading the first three articles in order.

How to proceed

  • First of all you should sign up on the world2B platform;
  • Browse the existing posts and read them as you like. At the bottom of each post you’ll find a list of tags similar to the following. Clicking on a tag you will link your content:
  • Of course the chosen tag should be relevant to the proposed content;
  • Sign up and try to post your content. Before the final submission to Biarritz Studio, you can work on it and save your work online.
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